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The New Moon Website Audit is all about new beginnings. It's a great way to start making your website more effective with instant tips on improving its visual design, conversion rate and user experience.

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“You’re bound to end up with a better website”

The New Moon website audit helped me identify blind spots I had on my website. Both in terms of design and conversion rate, like CTAs and section placement. Lucian provided a ton of value in a short video. The feedback was on point and picked up improvements that I failed to see.

Juan Carlzon
Juan Carlzon
Carlzon Design Co

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    Speedy audit

    I'll run a 15-minute timer and review your site, having seen it for the first time, and record it using Loom. I'll give you my thoughts live and offer any quick tips and improvements I can think of.

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    You'll receive your free Loom video within 7 days straight to your inbox, no strings attached.

Why's it free?

Two reasons:

One, it's great practice for me to train my website auditing muscles while being able to help another business become better than they were yesterday at no cost to them.

Two, it gives you a small taster of how I could help you. If you get a lot of value from a 15-minute video, how much you could get from several hours of strategy?

That's why a lot of New Moon audit participants often move along to the next moon phase, the Crescent Moon Discovery Session, where we take a deep dive into you, your business and your online presence.

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“Lucian's expertise and knowledge have been invaluable”

Lucian has been amazing in helping us develop our site. Easy to work with, he completes tasks quickly and efficiently, providing us with suggestions and information that has helped us with our overall development. His expertise and knowledge have been invaluable.

Iona Woods
Iona Woods
Golf Jobs