Bold, exciting websites with a strategy that performs

Web design, development and strategy for maturing businesses ready for their 2nd website. Conversion-focused websites that make you look good, grow and achieve your business goals.

Hey... Let's face it, you've got to move on.

Your business matures over time. You’ve slipped on your big business boots and you’ve outgrown that first DIY or low-budget site you had made. It’s time for something more impactful.

Lumin is all about boosting ambitious businesses like yours to the next level by creating your 2nd website. It’s time to look more credible, impress users and increase conversions. Let’s level you up.

Okay we get it, mastering your online presence is tough:

  • Being uninspired or frustrated by your current website
  • Feeling directionless as to why you’re not getting enough leads or conversions
  • Failing to wow users and leave a lasting impact on them

This all stops you from standing out online, staying competitive and achieving your business goals.

A laptop mockup showing a modern web design
lumin is just like you.

You deserve a unique and exciting website. We set you apart from the crowd with designs that really bring out your brand’s personality and are optimised for conversions. This gets integrated with your current marketing approach to create a website strategy that:

  • Drives traffic to your site
  • Saves you time
  • Meets your business goals

The result?

An exciting website that wows your customers, more conversions and a thought-out plan of how to use it. And most importantly, no more stressing about people judging that old site of yours or scaring off customers.

Oh, and then we have maintenance & growth plans so you can keep growing, stay competitive and save time with breezy website management.

“Fluently understood our brand identity”

Lucian is transparent, and approachable and walks you through the whole process. The designs he came up with were a perfect match for our brand. Our site has helped new clients find us and allowed us to finally grow our online presence!

Oliva & Louis
Oliva & Louis
Whole Earth Productions

luminary /’lu:m|n(ə)ri/

  1. someone who inspires or influences others, especially one with an expertise in a particular subject or activity
  2. a person of prominence or brilliant achievement
  3. a celestial light-giving body, especially the sun or moon
  4. a body or object that gives off light

Web design, development and strategy

Bespoke, bold and exciting offerings, all driven by strategy

  • The Luminary Website & Strategy

    Website design, development and strategy

    From £2,450
    Delivered in 2-6 weeks
    Start your project

    • Website strategy (competitor analysis, lead generation, conversion optimisation + more)
    • A tailored guide to drive website traffic
    • Bespoke web design and build
    • A conversion-optimised homepage
    • Hosting and domain set up
    • Add additional pages
    • Add any functionality
    • Add integrations
    • Add basic ecommerce (digital products, subscriptions, etc.)
    • Add copywriting

    You also get:

    • A free optimised contact page
    • Free enrolment into our growth & maintenance plans
    • Privacy-friendly analytics installation
    • Post-launch website training
    How does it work?
  • The Eco Website & Strategy

    A custom-coded website with a lower carbon footprint

    From £3,450  £3,100
    Delivered in 2-8 weeks
    Start your project
    10% off for doing a good thing!
    10% off!

    • Website strategy (competitor analysis, lead generation, conversion optimisation + more)
    • A tailored guide to drive website traffic
    • Bespoke web design and build
    • Custom-code, eco-friendly website build
    • A conversion-optimised homepage
    • Hosting and domain set up
    • Add additional pages 
    • Add any functionality
    • Add integrations 
    • Add copywriting

    You also get:

    • A free optimised contact page
    • Free enrolment into our growth & maintenance plans
    • Privacy-friendly analytics installation
    • Post-launch website training
    How does it work?
  • Website audit & strategy

    A conversion-focused website audit and strategy session

    3 days
    Get a website audit

    • Conversion rate optimisation
    • Web vitals (performance, accessibility, SEO)
    • Design and UX review
    • Website strategy (competitor analysis, lead generation, conversion optimisation + more)
    • A tailored guide to drive website traffic

    You also get:

    • Strategy session before the audit
    • Debrief session after the audit
  • 60-minute strategy session

    A power-hour about websites and website strategy

    60 minutes
    Book a strategy call now

    • Discuss ideas, problems or goals
    • Get an expert opinion
    • Get reassured
    • Debrief containing summaries, next steps and resources
  • “Lucian communicates honestly and effectively”

    Lucian is a fantastic person to deal with, which along with his design and development skills, makes the experience that much better. Lucian was able to understand what I wanted quickly and he completed the development within Webflow perfectly. If you're reading this you can be sure you won't regret hiring him.

    Oliver Lewis
    Oliver Lewis

    How we do things

    Web design, development and strategy — wrapped in one

    1. 1


      We get to know your business inside and out. We discuss your business goals, audience, website goals, your current marketing presence, your current workload and more.

      Optionally add in branding & visual identity here
    2. 2

      Website strategy

      Competitor analysis and strategy based on the discovery. Decisions are formed for the sitemap, lead generation, conversion optimisation and traffic strategy.

      Optionally add in copywriting here
    3. 3

      Website design

      Wireframes are made to map out content and copy, followed by detailed designs imbued with your brand style and personality. Both informed by strategy and your feedback.

    4. 4

      Website development

      Interactions and animations bring your site to life. Functionality (forms, navigation, etc.) is built and integrations are added to turn your site into a powerhouse. All optimised for speed, SEO and all devices.

    5. 5

      Launch & growth

      Domains and hosting are sorted out. Together, we hit the big green button and go live. You continue to grow every month on a growth & maintenance plan.

      Optionally add in monthly content writing here

    About Lumin

    Lumin is made up of me, Lucian, and a talented network of partners called “The Lumin Pack”.

    The web design, development and strategy are handled by me. I’ve been working with websites since 2020 and have served 30+ businesses from solo business owners to £10m+ enterprise clients.

    But, like the wolf, we adapt.

    Thanks to the Lumin Pack, if you need a specific service to reach your business goals while working on a project with me, Lumin adapts to meet your needs.

    Connect with me on LinkedIn
    Lucian Chevallier, founder of Lumin web design, development & strategy, sat in front of his computer screens.


    I founded Lumin because I see a lot of websites which eventually fail due to a lack of strategy behind them. And, more importantly, I like seeing good businesses succeed. I like to big them up.

    So, I help ambitious service-based and digital product businesses grow using websites that have flair, save you time and focus on conversions and giving value. I also create tailored guides that show how to squeeze the most out of your site and drive traffic to it after launch.

    Traffic + conversions = booming business! Simple, right?


    Boost your business and save time with everything you need for a great online presence.

    • Be bold, be exciting

      Web design

      Creative and exciting website design that makes you stand out and attracts customers.

      Enquire for details
      Web design
    • Generate traffic and leads

      Web strategy

      A holistic strategy for your website to align it with your business goals, boost your revenue and save you time.

      Enquire for details
      Web strategy
    • Engaging and conversion-optimised

      Web development

      Super functional, fast and frustration-free web development that saves you time and grows your business.

      Enquire for details
      Web development
    • Growth & maintenance plans

      Website plans that aren’t just about “maintenance”, but geared towards growth and conversion rate optimisation using incremental improvements.

      Enquire for details
    • Content writing

      Achieve your site’s full potential with regular SEO-optimised articles, guided by you and written by professionals

      Enquire for details
  • Website audits

    A holistic website audit & strategy session based on your business goals that gets to the root of your website problems and offers solutions for higher conversions, traffic and more.

    Find out more
  • Additional partner services

    Get everything you need in one place — save time, reduce risk, and grow more with The Lumin Pack. Services include writing, branding, marketing, social media and more. Enquire for details.

    Enquire for details
  • 60-minute strategy session

    AKA, a “power-hour” to have an in-depth consultation about any website or website strategy problems, ideas or questions.

    Find out more
  • “Lucian designed something beyond my imagination”

    Lucian is a top-class professional with an eye for detail and outstanding creativity. He really brought my website to life. Communication was always there and he was never afraid to help and answer questions. I strongly recommend Lucian - everything has been 10/10 from start to finish.

    Danny Rhodes
    Danny Rhodes
    Food Fight

    Become a luminary!

    With a unique website that brings your brand to life, backed by a strategy that drives traffic, high-quality leads and customers.

    Book your free consultation

    Case study

    One of the biggest, most successful jiu jitsu franchises in the world? Let’s do it.

    Alliance Jiu Jitsu Newcastle wanted to streamline their ops while increasing memberships and improving search engine visibility. By focusing on SEO, engaging design, and strategic calls to action, Lumin created a website spot on with Alliance's famous brand guidelines and style. The final site was an exciting hub for Alliance that drove sign-ups, boosted their online presence and ultimately grew the gym.

    The result

    • Over 200 new sign-ups in 10 months (80+% increase)
    • 4.75k impressions and 300 clicks a month on Google (6.3% CTR)
    • 7 monthly website enquiries (and that’s just through the contact form)
    • Such an increase in members that Alliance Newcastle are looking to move to a bigger gym!

    This is a true Lumin story. A leader in their space that inspires. They dared to grow, and so they did.

    A set of website mockups for the Alliance Jiu Jitsu Newcastle website, showing the homepage, the classes page, sign up page, the contact page and more. Designs are by Lumin web design, development & strategy.
    “Sign-ups have gone through the roof!”

    After waiting 4 years to get a new website due to nothing being straightforward, Lucian was exactly what I needed. He gets to know the business and then puts his own spin on it. Had loads of praise about the site and it also helped our business management. The design and quality are up there with the best.

    Chris Short
    Chris Short
    Alliance Newcastle


    Check out each service page for additional FAQs related to that specific service.

    Still have questions?

    Send us a message and we’ll clear up any questions you might have.

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